Podcast Of The Week: The Education Of A Financial Planner (hey, it’s me?!)

Nothing like one day having a conversation with two friends who say, “hey, we should record this” and then they actually do it.

My buddies Jack Forehand and Justin Carbonneau are partners at the (primarily) quant-investing shop Validea. They’re smart, make fantastic content on their podcast and YouTube channel (Excess Returns), and I go to them for all sorts of personal and professional advice – normally behind the scenes. 

Jack and Justin have a ton of experience lining up systematic investing strategies with the real world. It’s harder than it sounds and if you know you know. Now, as they look to add a planning component to their practice, they came to me to talk about lining up real life, with the real world, with real investing strategies too. 

They’re calling this new podcast The Education of a Financial Planner. I’m honored to kick it off with them and be their main guest/guinea pig until I prove/they figure out why I work with people who have all the “real” designations (check out the CVs on my people).

This first episode was a lot of fun. I’ve got some performative polishing to do, but check me out peoples and give the show a follow on YouTube and/or wherever you get your podcasts. 

Here’s me talking about what goals-based planning is and how I use it. 

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