Podcast Of The Week: The Importance Of The Nationwide Protests Over George Floyd’s Death

Perspective matters. Seeking not just views that differ from our own, but also diverse life experiences that have greater nuances to their view than our own, it matters. I’m sharing three today, all that expanded my understanding of connecting what is going on in America this past week to our collective history. I know I usually only highlight one podcast, so this order counts if your time is limited.

“Higher Learning” is a new podcast from The Ringer and is hosted by Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay. “The Importance Of The Nationwide Protests Over George Floyd’s Death” is their second episode, and for a black culture focused podcast to immediately dive into these topics, it’s powerful. They cover what feels different, what the protests represent to them, and what they think politicians (and celebrities, and influencers, and others) can do. This was recorded early in the protests and the rawness shows.

Why Minneapolis’ Police Reforms Failed George Floyd” on The Journal Podcast. A historical look at the attempt to reform the Minneapolis police, and why “it’s easier to change the policies of a police than its culture.”

Slow Thinking” on The Prof G Show features professor and Dean Emeritus of NYU School of Business and Economist Peter Henry. To hear a man of this stature say his greatest fear is for him or one of his kids to be in an uncontrolled situation without proper identification in 2020… Henry is a brilliant man – well beyond his credentials, and Galloway asks him some thoughtful questions about how he’s interpreting these events.

We all have to keep expanding and developing our perspectives. It matters. There are 7.8 billion people alive right now with7.8 billion varied life experiences.