Podcast Of The Week: The Legend Of Paul’s Boutique

Paul’s Boutique, if you don’t know, is the Beastie Boys’ second album and arguably the Sgt. Pepper’s of hip-hop. It’s what happens when you push all the envelopes, all the buttons on the studio gear, (and maybe put down the bottle and pick up the bong, allegedly). 

The stories on its making are as epic as the album’s legacy. On the 33 ⅓ podcast, we get hip-hop producer Prince Paul and rap’s OG A&R, Dante Ross to curate a complete exploration of the album, the characters, and the context by which it was created and has continued to influence. 

This plays like a documentary. I was hanging on every word. If you know this album or want to dive into an incredible chapter of music history, check out Paul’s Boutiqe on the 33 ⅓ podcast parts I and II

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