Podcast Of The Week: The Return Of Susan Cain!

Susan Cain’s new book, Bitter-Sweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole, is out now. She’s doing the podcast rounds and I’ve listened to her talk to Tim Ferris and Brene Brown so far. I highly recommend listening to these alone or as a companion to the book – they’re both thoughtful and pretty moving.

Cain’s prior work on introverts is dear to my (and I’m sure a bunch of your) heart(s). 

I’m pretty sure from what I’ve heard so far I’m going to feel similarly about this work. 

If you know me, you know I’ve got a soft spot for sad things. I love a sad movie. A sappy ballad. A crap ending. I (think I) like it because it makes the good parts of life, even the only moderately good parts, that much sweeter. 

Not only is being an introvert a superpower, now feeling a little sorrow and longing is reason to put the cape on too.

If you hadn’t seen Cain’s 2019 TED talk, “The hidden power of sad songs and rainy days,” start there. 

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