Podcast Of The Week: The Tangible ‘20s

Disclosure: to my non-financial markets friends, I offer you this insight first, and then for whoever else still cares, you’ll want to check out the podcast below. 

One interpretation of the decade (still mostly) in front of us is that it might be like The Roaring ‘20s all over again. Advances in technology, low unemployment, bountiful markets and wages – these could lead to a period of excess, even/especially with a pandemic jumpstart. People spending money leads to periods of excess. 

With evolving tech, globalization’s potential demise, and questions about inflation and how much growth actually gets us looming, the roaring ‘20s repeat feels a bit misguided. 

Dario Perkins is calling the period in front of us The Tangible ‘20s for this reason. Tangible, for you non-accountants, is used to mean physical stuff you can touch, experience, etc. Businesses may use smart networks and social realities to grow, but the most successful businesses may not be in tech for a period, but rather in applying technology to more tangible themes. 

Themes like: local > global, personalized > generalized, execution > excesses

For the aspirationally creative and knowledge workers of the world, think smaller. And, think about your tradespeople, and not just your typical c-suiters as audiences you can serve. 

If you still want the bigger, financial macro interpretation of all this mess (and a hysterical story about the time the automatic truncation of his email signature made him the temporary joke of the UK), check out episode #178 of The Market Huddle Podcast, “Soft Patch Soft Landing With Dario Perkins” for more.