Podcast of the Week: “Thirty-Six Strategems” with Jocko

My favorite Jocko podcasts are when he reads military books / stories / history and curates them along the way.

Warriors and bureaucrats are two very different types (maybe that’s a continuum?). Jocko’s a warrior who interprets the philosophy exceptionally well of where warriors and bureaucrats meet in the real world. He can speak the warrior language and the management language. Walking that cultural bridge is rare and makes him an incredible resource.

This week he tackled the Chinese classic, “Thirty-Six Strategems,” which reads a bit like Sun-Tsu, or Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power.

No matter how you view your life or work, these models for what to do when you’re winning, losing, or even just plain stuck – can be tremendously useful.

My personal favorites are strategic patience, and knowing the loyalty of the opposition. Give it a listen, jot a few down for deeper reflection, and consider where they apply in your own life.