Podcast Of The Week: This Week In Doom

There’s only one episode up as of when I’m writing this, but Grant Williams and Doomberg (two excellent finance follows on Twitter and via their newsletters) are teaming up for something very special.

Both are broad-level (aka “macro”) thinkers with substantial professional backgrounds. Both are tuned to think opportunistically about conditions, which means regularly untangling not just what puts the status in status quo, but also where it might pay to be different.

Not just in financial terms either, but in strategic terms.* Give the first podcast a listen (search “This Week In Doom,” subscribe to their newsletters, and keep an eye on these two.**

*but this is probably easier to take in if you’re a finance person too. Give it a shot but don’t feel bad if it doesn’t click.
**Yes, Doomberg is more than one person, but for sake of the podcast it’s one voice.

h/t to Adam for sending this one to my attention

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