Podcast of the Week: “Waldenponding”

Venkatesh Rao is one of those people I steal way too much intellectual capital from. Russ Roberts is another one of those people. The two of them, together, on EconTalk, make for a delightful conversation.

The central concept is Rao’s critique of “Waldenponding,” which is his word for people who put all smartphone/social media/engagement completely aside in an effort to be “present.” Rao takes issue with this stance as not all social media consumption or modern-engagement is bad, and we don’t have to be all-in or all-out. It’s an argument worth understanding. He offers many other thoughtful lessons and arguments as well.

Do check out the podcast and Ribbon Farm if you want more. Rao is one of the most important cultural philosophers of our times. The world is moving forward, it’s up to us to move with it.