Podcast Of The Week: Will Smith, A (Quest)Love Supreme

Sometimes you think you’re just going to get some good 80s/90s Philly stories. Sometimes, you get one or two, but you end up with a dose of philosophy you weren’t expecting instead.

Will Smith has been through some stuff in the past few years. Some of it’s been public. Very public. It’s not the topic of this podcast thought. This interview is about the book Smith released last year. It had quite the impact on Questlove and he’s here with real questions.

The book, as I understand it (and I’ll be starting it very soon because of this interview), appears to be about what it means to take a look at the roller coaster that is life, step off of it, decide what parts are fun and what parts make you sick, and then make your peace with the ride, the rest of the amusement park, and the characters that inhabit it.

Take a deep breath and give this one a listen. You might just be as surprised as I was to be getting legitimate religion from the guy who told us parents just wouldn’t understand.

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