Podcast Of The Week: WTF Tony Hawk

The Tony Hawk documentary (Until The Wheels Fall Off) kicked my ass. It’s not just fan worship, and it’s also not whatever you’d call The Last Dance. It’s a story about life, families, trying hard, working harder, and how a little luck can do wonders for a persistent spirit. 

I didn’t want the documentary to end. So now, when a WTF interview pops up a few weeks later, I can’t resist. 

And like all the pain and frustration and get-back-uppedness of the documentary, here’s Tony Hawk hanging out with Mark Maron, with a broken leg, talking about why it’s so hard to quit something you love. 

It’s a beautiful conversation. Maybe I’m just a (getting) old(er) dog who appreciates how the best of the best of their respective games age, but I find this fascinating and I think you might too. 

Listen to Tony Hawk on WTF with Mark Maron.

Ps. As a fellow non-skate boarder / extreme sports person, I took extra pride in Mark saying, “I don’t take physical risks, just emotional ones.” So good. 

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