Podcast Of The Week: You’re Never Going To Beat The Master (Rollins On Iggy)

I don’t know what brought me to this story on YouTube, but thank the algorithmic gods, what a story. 

Henry Rollins is best known for his storytelling now. But, long ago, he was the frontman for Black Flag, and of course, The Rollins Band. He was famous for being an intense, sometimes menacing, punk rock frontman. 

Like all rock gods, especially from the underground, he owed a debt to Iggy Pop. Iggy was the OG of intense, sometimes menacing, punk rock frontmen. 

And so as Rollins leveled up his career, he aspired to be able to outdo Iggy Pop as a performer. In his mind, he’d settle this score when their respective bands would play together. Rollins would go on, and Iggy would bow to him after, in awe of his raw power (pun intended). 

This is the story of three such occasions where the two shared bills. Rollins always came prepared to deliver the best show of his entire life/career. Iggy always came prepared to be Iggy. 

The story is epic. It’s the epitome of what it means to be the master, no matter at what age. Give this 20 minutes of your time and by all means, enjoy. 

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