Podcasts Of The Week: Drama Triangles, The Power Of Public Enemy, And Talking About Race

Hey! On Saturday’s I highlight a podcast (or three) about being a creative professional. Sometimes it’s direct, sometimes it’s indirect, but it’s always entertaining and educational. Check these out and send anything good you’ve heard lately my way!

Need something for your tribe’s collective soul? Listen to Diana Chapman talk to Tim Ferriss. Chapman is a co-author of one of my favorite culture/leadership books, 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, and she does not disappoint in this interview. Listen to her weave together group dynamics, the drama triangle, personal growth, and so much more.

Need something for your inner rebel? Listen to Questlove talk to Terry Gross about his latest book, Music Is History. I wrote about his decision to walk out of a job while on lunch break because of Public Enemy here too. I love an empowered music nerd.

Need something for your ears and your vocal cords? Listen to Celeste Headlee Headlee talk to Christopher Lochhead about her upcoming book on how we talk about race (Speaking of Race), and her rarely discussed book on the technical sides of running a radio show/podcast, Heard Mentality. Lochhead even gets her to talk a bit about her professional vocal training as a singer.

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