Practice Is Like Eating

Dan Coyle compares practice to eating. 

Saying, “I’m going to practice” is like saying, “I’m going to eat some food.” 

Practice what = eat what

How good are you at typing? When is the last time you improved? Do you feel – kind of plateaued for a while? 

Life is full of things like typing. It’s also full of things like mindless eating. 

If we want to get better, we have to practice. And if we want the practice to drive better results, we have to add some intentionality to it. 

As Coyle explains it, practice is “an intensive reach beyond your abilities.” 

Per the typing comment, we don’t have to practice everything. Likewise, a good amount of eating is just calorie consumption. 

But, when we want to get better, we have to consciously get our brains to make that intensive reach beyond our current abilities. 

h/t to The Best of MBS podcast for this one.