Pyramid Process Learning Vs. Layered Learning Loop

Matthew Broadwell’s 4-stages of Competence learning pyramid was published in 1969. It’s smart, intuitive, and, well, just take a look for yourself and think about what’s missing:

Sahil Bloom shared this, FYI, and Neil Bage went next level by introducing and explaining the missing piece here. 

He didn’t say it so directly, but I will. 


Not just the mushy kind either. We’re talking about how senses, sensibilities, and your gut play a role as you practice your way through these levels. 

It’s more than logic. We’re flawed calculators, extra Kahneman. Putting learning in a loop reminds us just how iterative the process should be visualized. 

This is one of my new favorite graphics. Grand slam Neil, thank you.

Ps. I have a few older essays I’m thinking of revisiting/updating that cover some of this stuff. Slightly longer reads, but see “From Punchlines to Basslines (Lessons In Thinking Better)” and “Choice.” Let me know if you think I should give them a refresh.