Re-Reading With Podcasts

Chris Voss’ Never Split The Difference was one of those books I finished and then immediately restarted. 

In the years since I first read it, I’ve gone back to notes and sections multiple times, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t feel like a book I’ll ever go back to reread in full. 

Sometimes I find, when I’m re-reading something that previously gave me insight into a whole bunch of new understandings, that I’m extra inclined to zone out while revisiting. 

The “Oh, I remember this” and “Oh, I already know this part” of my ADHD brain takes over. 

So I’m always on the lookout for ways around this. I think I found one and wanted to tell you (and remind myself) about it.

Before you re-read, go find a good podcast or interview with the author on the book. Especially if it’s long-form, it can give you a close enough but not exact trip through the highlights. When it’s done right, it can be just enough new approach, mixed with all the benefits of re-defining the neural pathways the book originally cut into your mind.  

Voss’ book was critical in how I approached talking with clients and people in general. Not because the similarities to hostage negotiating are strong, but because he expertly lays out an applied talk therapy-type approach to how hostage negotiators get results. 

When I saw Voss appeared on the Jocko podcast to talk about the several-year-old book, I wondered if I should just re-read the book and skip the 3-hour interview. But, I tried it, and all I can think of is how I need to do this more often. Especially (perhaps) the non-promo tour episodes like this one. 

What about you? What are your strategies for revisiting material without making it boring? 

Ps. If you don’t know Voss’ work or have time for a book or long-form interview, read this post: “Customer Service Lessons From A Hostage Negotiator.”

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