Real Wins Vs. Fake Wins (Via Kurtis Hanni)

Anybody who has ever been in business for themselves knows this feeling: you won. You got the sale or closed the deal or whatever you were supposed to do. But you over-promised, or you’re undelivered, or something worse. You won, but you really lost. 

Kurtis Hanni has a word for these: fake wins. 

And fake wins can be sneaky. In life and in business. From his post,

Hurt long-term outcomes
Misallocation of resources
Chasing the dopamine rush
Misaligns with company values
Distraction from the primary goal
Overly risky based on the upside
Procrastinating hard things
Damages team morale
Is unsustainable

The real win is the contrast of those things. It’s doing the hard thing today. It’s being consistent in your values and goals. It’s ignoring short-term distractions. It’s getting rest when you need it.

There’s lots of little ways to put up a win that doesn’t serve you long-term.

Another social media like without any new real friends or potential clients – what’d you spend the time for? 

Another time commitment made at the sacrifice of your home life – what really matters to you? 

Another promotion with more responsibility and less free time to pursue your passions – ???

Fake wins are everywhere. It’s good to have a word for them. It’s better to know what’s fake and what’s real.

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