Saturday Catch-Up: Boyd Varty Podcasts

Boyd Varty has been a featured TED speaker, but I first came across him via Patrick O’Shaughnessy on his Invest Like The Best interview.

Boyd talks about the South African (Zulu) word: Ubuntu.

Ubuntu means “I am, because of you,” or basically that people are not people without other people. Think in the context of sharing, belonging, and even suffering.

Ubuntu captures the shared universality of our collective experience. Ubuntu, in a nearly spiritual way, captures the idea that we are never truly alone.

Through his metaphor that he calls “the cathedral of the wild,” Boyd describes how Ubuntu extends beyond just people, but to nature as well. He describes universal context in a way I’ve never really heard anyone else do it.

I’m pretty sure I won’t be tracking lions in South Africa anytime soon, but give him a shot. He’s got several incredible stories that will leave you looking at your surroundings differently.

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