Saturday Morning Media: Charlie Munger At His Funniest

Of all the Charlie Munger memorials, and there are deservedly many, the rabbit hole I fell the farthest down was these compilation videos of his jokes. 

Not because they’re just haha funny. Many are A-grade old man humor. But because many of them cut to profound truths. 

One of my favorites from this round of listening, 

The best way to get what you want in life is to deserve what you want. How could it be otherwise? It’s not crazy enough so that the world is looking for a lot of undeserving people to reward. 

In between the laughs, you stumble into the straight wisdom like this. Over and over. It’s moving. 

And maybe this is why – this one captures the essence of why so many people are doing versions of what I’ve been doing since his passing, 

I’m an accidental guru. We didn’t set out to have an audience of people coming to ask me questions about every damn subject in the world. It just got to happen by accident and I went along with it because I think it did more good than harm. And I just kind of went along with it because I kind of enjoy it so long as I don’t have to do it too often. 

But I feel sorry for people who have adulating multitudes. I also wouldn’t like a normal multitude. I love these nerds. 

RIP Charlie. With love. From the multitudes of nerds.