Scalable Offers For Scalable Clients

Want to give your work away for free to broke clients? 

That’s the power of charity. 

And the reason it doesn’t scale without proper donors. 

If your business requires donors to give free work to broke clients, you might actually be running a charity, and you probably need to think about scale in a non-traditional way. 

You know, like by networking with donors as much if not more than networking with broke folks. 

Not that charity or giving work away is bad. It can be quite noble. But do it on purpose. 

Not by accident. Not in place of a business plan. Please. 

As Brittany McBean told Angie Colee (on Angie’s excellent podcast interviewing her), “Make scalable offers for scalable clients.” 

Broke people can’t pay up. Non-broke people can, to a degree. Find the balance of who supports your business and play it forward over time. 

Obvious and essential business advice. 

Business success 101: Make scalable offers for scalable clients. 

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