Seek Sales, Not Applause

When we’re in business, sometimes we need a reminder that we’re also there to stay in business. That means we have to make a buck.

Yes, the mission statement and sense of purpose matter. Yes, you have to have a mission and purpose so you’re not some miserly monster of a Scrooge. But, the only way any of it works is if you play for results.

Claude C Hopkins, author of the classic book, Scientific Advertising, said this about ad writers and I think it applies to anybody who gets too caught up in the dance versus the driving business:

Ad writers forget they are salesmen and try to be performers. Instead of sales, they seek applause.

Every job is absolutely one part performance. But, every job is a job (as in a J.O.B.) because they’re another part sales. Don’t forget to follow all the way through.

ps. share this post with a starving artist in your life. But do it gently. They’re sensitive, you know?

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