Sly Stone And Saving Humanity

We live in a polarized world. Yeat’s “widening gyre” gets invoked around here a lot. We have a shortening list of ways to find optimism and chart a path forward it seems. 

Enter Sly Stone’s new memoir. If you want to chart a path for optimism, there are so many pieces layered inside of his musical vision. Take this from how he explains the naming of the band:

Then at some point it landed: Sly and the Family Stone. The band had a concept–white and black together, male and female both, and women not just singing but playing instruments. That was a big deal back then and it was a big deal on purpose. 

We’re going to reconnect. We’re going to re-unite the extremes. But it’s going to take pro-active steps. 

Maybe we should start a band. 

Ps. It doesn’t have to be a technical “band” making “music” either. Those are all variables. Just get people with together with the purpose of making something on purpose. If you can intentionally draw from varied life experiences, you’ll have more material to work with. Trust the common interests will emerge – it’s the magic of making.

Ps. Sly at Woodstock, jump to 38 minutes for the version of “Higher” and restore your hope in humanity:

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