Soccer Star Lucy Bronze’s Letter To Herself

I’m endlessly fascinated by how people at the top of their game keep going. 

Lucy Bronze is an English Women’s Soccer legend, and she shared this letter she wrote to herself before England’s dramatic win against Spain in the 2022 Euros. 

It’s full of reminders about how she uses the hardest parts of life for fuel and keeps looking up for objectives to pursue. 

Here are two passages that really caught me:

Your rehab goes wrong, you get injured again. You feel like nothing is going right for you at this moment. There are some nights where you cry alone, but just know that these are the days that are going to push you even harder, because for every step that you take backwards, you take two leaps forward in the end. 

You never know what the future is going to hold, but right now you couldn’t be happier with what you’ve already achieved, so let’s go and achieve some more. 

Get the goal identified, get yourself inspired, get going. Repeat. 

Do read her whole letter on the BBC website, “Euro 2022: England Defender Lucy Bronze’s Letter to Herself.”