Social Media Is Unsafe Because The People Who Made It Never Felt Unsafe In Those Ways

Kara Swisher says the reason social media is unsafe is because the people who made and designed it, never felt unsafe in those ways. 

If you never were an X, how were you supposed to know Y was a thing? 

How we approach solving for this matters. 

None of us know much beyond what we know. But we all know, experience, and live different lives. 

The biggest benefit of diversity is taking these perspectives in. We still have to listen. We still have to reason towards the best step forward. 

But when things are unsafe, it’s usually because someone just didn’t know. And if that’s in a social environment, per Swisher’s point, we have to do better. 

Check out Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway’s interview with Brene Brown, “Pivot, Reverence, and What’s Behind Big Tech.” This is a very important conversation for people who don’t think about tech, culture, and how they intertwine within our lives. 

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