Sorting And Re-Sorting

We’re always sorting or re-sorting.

We make a list and sort things into order. We go off and do some relevant activities, return to the list, and have to update and re-sort.

We clean a room, have a party/the kids trash it/we make a mess during zoom meetings all day, and then we put it all back together.

We plan a trip, start the drive, and then the GPS re-routes us to avoid some obstacle.

In each of these cases, we assess, analyze, and plan a situation (sort), go out to learn and do some stuff, and return to update our information before the next activity (re-sort).

Our ability to sort and re-sort for those we seek to serve is where a lot of our professional value comes from.

We take a mess, organize it, and… look what comes out the other side! A constant stream of clearly prioritized goals. A clean room. A journey that reaches its destination despite the interruptions of construction, accidents, and hidden cops along the way.

It may seem hard. It may look hard. But, if we break it down – it’s just sorting and re-sorting. If we show and explain our work to people, even if it looks like a magic trick at the reveal, the sorted or re-sorted outcome is the premise people pay for.

Sort and re-sorting. In what we do and how we explain it. It’s that simple.

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