Start With Why, End With What

Start with why, end with what. Then go back to why and start over. This is how we align what we think with what we do. 
Why helps us look at the principles guiding a process. Why gives us the framework to be introspective. 
What helps us look at the actions. What tells us the events that happened or which steps we can take next. 
When we align what we do with why we’re doing it, we can make the progress we want to make. When what and why are out of synch, or when we don’t like what why represents, it’ll show up in the results. We’ll find ourselves empty, drained, and frustrated. 
We create value for our clients, coworkers, and ourselves whenever we start with why and end with what – repeatedly. It’s how we find the path and then stay on it. 
We keep asking questions. We keep taking action. We move out of line. We move back into it. The value comes from the forward motion in the right direction.