Stay At Home To Work, Go To Work To Collaborate

For a lot of us, work from home hasn’t been so bad.

I’m loving my dog walks and on-the-phone-pacing freedoms, but I get why others are eager to be in the office again.

Consensus seems to be the future has some balance between the two, but what’s that actually look like as businesses reopen? Especially service businesses?

Adam Grant shared this guiding principle and I’m thinking of adopting it for my own mantra:

Go to work for collaboration, and stay at home for work.

Go to the office to collaborate when it’s additive. But, wall yourself off and focus when it’s essential too. All of one and none of the other isn’t an option.

What’s your balance?

I’m thinking mine is 30% collaborate, 70% work but I’m probably going to try and quantify it.

What’s your ratio? How are you measuring or thinking about this?