Stressed? Don’t Sweat. Condensate.

The philosopher Morris Day explains what it means to be cool on the inside like this*:

I’d like to straighten out some shit. You may notice a bit of moisture on my forehead, falling about my face. You might think, “Morris isn’t cool anymore.” What does a bottle of champagne do on a hot day? It doesn’t sweat – it condensates. That’s what you do when you’re cool from the inside. Morris Day doesn’t sweat, he condensates. 

Reframe the situation. 

Not just the stress itself, but the source, and the response.

Oh wee oh wee oh. 

*apparently this is a speech he gives live, to let the fans know his sweat is merely a sign of just how cool he truly is. Who could argue with that?

Ps. Day’s book, “On Time” is FANTASTIC. 

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