Succession’s Music And How Every Business Needs A Theme And Variations

Nicholas Brittell wrote the now-iconic music behind Succession. I always love a peek behind someone else’s self-analysis, so this Vanity Fair video immediately caught my attention.

Britell explains the duality of the music. It’s one part serious, and another part seriously absurd. It’s got its basis in the classical and modern forms the family sees itself in (sweeping piano lines and chords against hip-hop drums), and a swaying jauntiness with splashes of dissonance at every turn.

The characters in the show are all based around a powerful and power-hungry family. On one hand, it’s a show about a family business. On the other hand, it’s a show about a family, with all the elements turned up to 11. Britell wanted to capture that unstable balance. I think he nailed it.

Watch the video and hear him discuss how it all came together and fits together.

Then think about how the same is true not just for a TV show, but for any business. Does the score match the characters? Does the way we answer phones and respond to emails reflect our core values? Do we do it all of the way through?

It’s not a stretch. It’s just if we’re willing to think about it with this level of care.

Watching Britell explain his part is understanding the care that goes into making a fully functioning masterwork. Our businesses should function with a similar level of attention to thematic detail.

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