Sunday Music: 1001 By Glitterer

We saw Glitterer the other week and this song just stood out like crazy in the setlist to me: “1001”

Shoegaze, at it’s best, combines melodic and harmonic tension and resolution. It usually requires the rhythm to be, sort of – plodding(?). Yeah, I’m not Wikipedia for this, but it’s the vibe I get. By extension, this is my personal archive so it’s the explanation you get (feel free to respond and clarify please). 

In the song, the band dances through a form of verse and chorus tradeoffswithout ever hitting any “root” chord. It’s intensely unsettled. Until the bridge. 

Oh lord, that bridge.

All the locations the song’s been – we find out how they’re gravitationally connected. 

The song reveals its root after levitating indicisively around it for so long. 

It’s like when something catches your attention out of the corner of your eye. One minute you’re focused on squinting at whatever’s ahead, the next you’re wide-eyed at a truth right beside you. The distraction overtakes you, all-encompassing, even though you know how preciously fleeting it may turn out to be. 

Your head’s up and your heart’s open. Everything is in it’s place, even if only for a few blinks. It’s only a bridge after all. 

The song keeps moving, so of course the bridge comes to its end. And it leaves you on the path, on the other side, because that’s what bridges do. The song leaves us, with this etched onto our conscious,

Why do we always want to be in control
I’ll never know

Glitterer’s a great band, and this is a (chef’s kiss of a) great song. New album is out soon. Old albums are still fascinating post-hardcore synth-pop, if that’s your thing, but of course.

Ps. That Gorilla Biscuits hoodie in the video too… f*** it makes me so happy to see. A personal story there for another day. For now, I’m just happy to validate the kids are all right.  

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