Sunday Music: Action Bronson’s “The Chairmen’s Intent”

Action Bronson’s “The Chairmen’s Intent” was featured on the Song Exploder podcast this week. It had already been one of my favorite tracks from the album (“Blue Chips 7000“), but hearing him explain its creation takes it to a whole new level.

For the record, I’ve been a fan of Action, ever since the first time I heard him and thought, “who is that that’s not Ghostface?” He may not always be the sharpest lyricist, and sometimes he’s pacing more like Vast Aire than Ghostface, but every line is coming from his heart. There’s pure joy and respect for the art form in his work. That also means sometimes he misses, but on this song, he connects.

If you haven’t heard it, listen to the track first and then go to the interview. As a preview, you’ll get nuggets like this insight on what happens when he hears a beat he likes: “I always say, when I hear my favorite song I wanna crash my car.” Are you telling me that’s the way Drake reacts? I don’t think so.

On top of that, the string section that I always wondered about in the middle of the first verse is explained as him wanting to make you feel as if you were walking through a museum and came across a statue of him. When the beat comes back in, he breaks out of the statue and just starts rapping. Yes, he details that out loud. It’s beautiful.

Does it all make sense? Only as much as any crime of fun-loving passion would – which is probably why he’s so entertaining.

“You don’t even know me…”

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