Sunday Music: After The Funeral Music

Hey! Sundays are for music. As a music-maker working in a less-than-musically focused world, this is my way to connect what I’m doing, thinking, and feeling with my favorite mode of expression This week I’ve been listening to…

Two too many deaths of people I loved in the past two weeks. Wherever this email finds you, and no matter if it’s a coffee mug or something else, raise it up. Cheers.

They’d both appreciate this one:

The cadillac stood by the house
And the yanks they were within
And the tinker boys they hissed advice
‘Hot-wire her with a pin’
Then we turned and shook as we had a look
In the room where the dead men lay
So big Jim Dwyer made his last trip
To the shores where his father’s laid
But fifteen minutes later
We had our first taste of whiskey
There was uncles giving lectures
On ancient Irish history
The men all started telling jokes
And the women they got frisky
By five o’clock in the evening
Every bastard there was piskey
Fare thee well, going away
There’s nothing left to say
Farewell to New York City boys, to Boston and PA
He took them out with a well-aimed clout
And we often heard him say
I’m a free-born man of the USA

(In case that didn’t load, pull up and press play on, “Body of an American” by The Pogues)

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