Sunday Music: Alvvays’ “Very Online Guy”

Today in Canadian indie-pop I can’t get out of my head – Alvvays’ song, “Very Online Guy.” 

Somewhere in between the out-of-time synths and shoe-gazingly fuzzed-out guitars, there’s a commentary on life and relationships in the 2020s. 

The meta-awareness of what we project, of who we are in private, and how any of us are even supposed to make sense of this mix. 

I really feel for the kids. If you haven’t read 13D’s piece, “How Does Technology Rewire the Intricate Circuitry of the Teenage Mind?” yet, you can pair it with this too. We are all very online, but humanity of offline – we need a balance. 

It’s in the art people. Maybe this is one of the great gifts my fellow 40-somethings who remember pre-smartphone life can help communicate. The way we philosophically understand this online/offline balance, it’s not just a big deal, it might be the biggest deal right now. 

Alvvays tries to explain it as so, 

He’s a very online guy
He types his cool replies
He’s incredibly animal
Front of the wedding trains
He laps up all domains
And he loves a patio
He’s only one flicker away
He’s only one photo, one filter away
Like a thinning wave, what was it supposed to be?
Truth is I’m afraid of sudden change
But when you’re close to me, does anyone notice?
Life disintegrates, what was it supposed to be?
Truth is I’m afraid to turn away
But when you’re ghosting me, does anyone notice?

Ps. check out the song and video, then their Tiny Desk, and – I’m getting vibes making me ask – is anybody else missing Weaves these days? Where have they been? Where my Canadians at?!