Sunday Music: Bad Girls Do It Well

Live fast die young / bad girls do it well

I heard some teenagers playing this song the other day (in 2021). I don’t know if we’re still saying “banger,” but when it came out in 2013, this was a “banger.”*

British rapper M.I.A. gives the driving metaphor a spin in “Bad Girls.” She does it with the gusto and thin transparency that would make Queen proud (and they still own the category with “I’m in Love with my Car“). This is a song about freedom. Independence. Telling the world, “I’ve got this – watch.”

It’s made even better by the video supporting the Women to Drive movement. Check it out. And bump it while you dance around your kitchen making biscuits, even if you aren’t living fast, dying young, or a bad girl. Trust me on this.

*I’m also old enough to stamp it with, “FRESH, for two thousand and twelve, you suck-azzzzzs”