Sunday Music: Bold As Love

“Bold As Love” is one of those Jimi Hendrix songs I’ll go back to a million times. It’s a song about colors in the lyrics as much as in the music itself.

On the guitar alone, he moves us from soulful whisper, to blistering, fuzzed-out distortion, to sheer psychedelia, and then back again. The band and recording do the same (try it on headphones). And the lyrics, for all their 60s flower child poetics, he’s capturing the emotions of being himself, relating it all to being human, and I think they work beautifully.

The color metaphor, the range of sounds and tones, that damn wailing guitar solo that won’t quit, it’s all “bold as love.”

Give it a listen with fresh ears.Here it is on Apple Music and Spotify.

Bonus – The song itself isn’t on YouTube, but this extra cool behind the scenes look is: