Sunday Music: Buju’s “Madda Badda”

I still predominantly listen to music on Apple Music (and podcasts on Spotify because the iPhone podcast app is not designed for people who like too many podcasts). 

Sometimes, usually when I’m getting into my car and Bluetooth does its confused connection routine, DJ iPhone takes over and randomly picks something for me to listen to. 

Last week, on a grocery store run, “Madda Badda,” the new single from Buju Banton came on. And I didn’t turn it off. It’s hypnotic and I’m really digging it. 

Deserving of its own post, I have long-regarded “Til Shiloh” as one of my most favorite ’90s albums. This single is not (cannot be) on that level, but it does feel like a solid effort from an old favorite. Check it out. 

Ps. heard anything good lately? Love “Til Shiloh” too? Think Buju really resembles Gargamel from The Smurfs or wonder why he’s leaned into it so hard? Let me know!