Sunday Music: Burn The White Flag

2020’s been a rough year. Nothing has been easier with a pandemic on top. I was going through some old playlists this week and re-stumbled upon “White Flag” by Joseph. It’s a song about pushing back against fear by taking the option of surrender off the table. There are a million things you can relate that one too.

So with a few days left in what’s been a challenging year, here’s a message to head into 2021 with:

Your yelling’s getting loud
Keep it down now, keep it down now
There’s talk going ’round this town
Keep it down now, keep it down now

Noises closing in from all sides
Warning all the ways to die
They say “you’d better give up, you’d better give up”

I’ll be an army, no you’re
Not gonna stop me gettin’ through, ooh
I’ll sing a marching song and
Stomp through the halls louder than you, ooh