Sunday Music: Burna Boy’s Virgil Abloh Tribute

You don’t have to follow in someone else’s footsteps to benefit from the path they’ve laid out. Maybe it’s in inspiration. Maybe it’s just in knowing somebody walked that walk. But noticing who’s ahead of you, it counts. Noticing you can go forward, like them – but as you, it counts. 

Burna Boy was working with Virgil Abloh in 2021 when Virgil passed away. Why is a musician working with a fashion designer and artist in the first place? Because they’re both in the business of creating culture. And one wanted to learn from the other by working with the other. Mutually.

Burna Boy brought Virgil in to help him shape the creative direction of (what would be another hit album for him), Love, Danini. Virgil’s death was a devastating blow to the project. it got finished, but when he sat down to make the next album, he was ready to pay tribute.

Seek fellow travelers on similar journeys. Do work that matters. Pay tribute when paths inevitably fork, in hopes of inspiring whoever is coming up next.  

This is all love and respect. You’ll feel it in his voice when you hear the song. You’ll see it in the visuals when you watch the video. Listen to “Big 7” for yourself.

I’m putting an Interview and then the song below. I’ve got more Burna Boy highlights here, and more Virgil posts there. The whole I Told You album is worth your time as well – it’s been getting a lot of plays inside of our house these past few weeks.