Sunday Music: Can’t Mute MEUTE

The benefits of having family living in other countries include being introduced to things from other countries. 

MEUTE – hailing from Germany – is like a marching band that plays electronic music. But not electronically, they do it acoustically, and they do it with the instrumentation of an actual marching band. You have to hear it to understand it. 

Oh, but before you listen, keep this in mind: music used to be exclusively a live experience. Then it was recorded, then the recordings got sampled, and now (some) musicians are playing the sampled recreations live (and, and, and…). 

Hear MEUTE as part of the (re)cycling of traditions. By re-working DJ-based compositions, especially live with acoustic instruments, they’re creating new art. The medium of the live performance counts too. Organic. Or, Organix, if you like (IYKYK).   

Plus they’re just really cool. 

Check out the studio albums and especially the Live in Paris concert. 

Here’s their encore/finale “Mental Help” from the Paris show. They’re doing it old New Orleans style at this point of the set, where they’ve recessed into the crowd and are bringing the music to the people. It’s church. 

I really hope to see them live at some point. Until then, my brother will have to continue to rub it in. Luckily, at this distance, I can’t punch him in the arm…