Sunday Music: Decent Gentlemen, Try And Understand (“Reeko” By NOFX)

July 5th. The parties are over, there’s a mess in the house and a bigger one in the backyard. I woke up thinking of “Reeko” by NOFX this morning. Sooner or later, the fun ends and you have to start cleaning up. That doesn’t just go for the rager that trashed your house. In case the metaphor might escape us, NOFX points the back half of the song at the mid-90’s political situation. I guess some topics are just evergreen. As you walk around picking up, put this song on. If anyone is supposed to be helping you and isn’t, just say, “Decent gentlemen, try and understand.”

Reeko, try to understand, it really is that bad
It won’t just go away, the party’s over
It’s past two o’clock, so it’s about time we
Stopped, ’cause I
See the keg has been sucked dry
Cisco emptied into the aquarium
Where the fish all seem to float
The ex lax lines the dog bowl
The toilet’s overflowed, we’ve had our fun so
So there’s nothing left
We got no place left to go

Mister President please understand, it really is that bad
It won’t just go away, it’s just beginning
The ballots have been cast, we make like seaward rats
Leave this sinking ship, leave and not look back
The things we never tried to disallow
Have come back to haunt us now
With apple pie and Chevrolet
We’ve come to see the end, we all made this bed
Now we got nowhere to lay
Decent gentlemen
Try and understand

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