Sunday Music: Dissecting Nosetalgia (Pusha + Kendrick)

Dissect has been one of my favorite music/critical listening podcasts. In particular, I LOVE how Cole Cuchna spends as much time on literary analysis as he does on musical analysis. It reminds me of the types of conversations my friends and I had 20 years ago when we were in college, but better polished and way way way more articulate.

Dissect’s new season is a “Lyrical Mixtape” and no episode thus far has disappointed. I’m flagging one episode in particular as one of the best episodes of Dissect ever. That is the analysis of “Nosetalgia” by Pusha T and Kendrick Lamar. I’m doing it on a Sunday because it’s a GREAT song too. But when paired with this podcast episode…

Holy crap man.

For a song I already knew, I was missing layers upon layers here.

I don’t want to spoil it. If you’re a music or lyric or writing nerd, give the song a listen, and then dive into the podcast.

The numerological breakdown Cole does – it’s like observing a watchmaker take a grandfather clock apart down to each gear, spring, and screw. The artists even took literal space time into consideration when building this track.


ps. One small YouTube short/sample below for the podcast too! Complete with some deep movie references, including a shoutout to one of my all-time favorites, True Romance.

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