Sunday Music: DJ Shadow And Pusha-T

Yes, they’re getting old, but they’ve both still got it. On “Been Use Ta,” Push is all about celebrating the legacy and reminding us how legacy compounds.

It’s the N-O-T-O-R-I-O-U-S

You just lay down slow

The flows are being copied at Kinkos

Kinda like Vegas did to Reno

But it’s only one Push Tarantino

The only gun in the room held by a gringo

Cinco de Mayo, powder to the pyro

Sing a lullaby to you stans like I’m Dido

It’s proven suicidal when you turn your idols into rivals

My brother turned a brick into a bible

Hov turned Apple into Tidal

Tom Brady still throwing spirals

The Bulls legacy is all Michael’s

Kawhi blacking out in the Finals

You witnessing the best of both cycles

I’ll take it. And I’ll probably revisit Daytona for good measure too (discussed further here – “Pusha-T Has Something For Everyone“).

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