Sunday Music: Do You Hear That Thunder? That’s The Sound Of Strength In Numbers (IDLES)

It’s a march really. Not a military parade type of march or the kind you hear on a carnival ride, but a steadily paced “we the peasants will now storm your palace” march. From their song “Grounds,”

Do you hear that thunder?
That’s the sound of strength in numbers
I am I

IDLES are back. There’s a shortage of bands that feel like they’re down for a fight at any time. Maybe that’s a good thing, but it’s still something to appreciate. In the same way RTJ is helping to crystallize the zeitgeist and energy of the moment, IDLES are here with their own visceral translation of how it feels to be alive these days. And, like RTJ, there’s humor mixed in too.

The new album is due out late September. I’m looking forward to it. Looking backward, here’s another post on their song “Danny Nidelko.” If we ever get to go to concerts again, this band is high on my list.

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