Sunday Music: Everywhere I Look, It’s Just Routine Pain

I’m still digging into this new Spanish Love Songs record (Brave Faces Everyone), but I am intrigued. Nihilism with pop-rock sensibilities? You’ve got my attention. The line, “everywhere I look, it’s just routine pain,” hurts to even read let alone hear. There’s a struggle here and it feels authentic. It’s the slight sense of optimism that carries it all through to something more than emo-sulk. Give the whole record a listen. Here’s another snippet of the lyrics from the lead-off track:

On any given day, I’m a 6 of 10
Bed to desk to bar, eyes on the floor
Still apologizing for the way I’ve been
Each breath more full of shit than the one before
Yeah, I know, the negative consumes me
Guess I’m alright
Let the guilt pass right through me
While my friends are taking dives
Off of cliffs, and I just worry
About the songs I’ll never write
It don’t matter, they don’t wanna hear me on the other side
So let me ruin my guts tonight
Just let me ruin my guts tonight

Embrace the ache.