Sunday Music: Freddie Gibbs and Madlib

Nobody chops up old records like Madlib. His musical aesthetic of creating art from art means we always get something new that feels like something timeless. Add Freddie Gibbs intensely personal tails of the streets to the mix and we get their latest joint effort – Bandana.

The track “Giannis (feat. Anderson .Paak)” is a standout. Paak sings the chorus,

Ice will come with the fame

Flowers cover the grave

Power, love, and loyalty

Wash me clean today

and then we get all of the pulpy, grimey noir we have come to expect from the verses. Cocaine, guns, Lucky Charms, Dora the Explorer – and that’s just in the first minute of the song. These songs play like movies. If you like this track, the album is well worth a listen.

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