Sunday Music: Halloween Pre-Game

Call it a family tradition. In October, as we approach Halloween, we listen to the Misfits. We listen to them often, we listen to them loud, and we belt along.

Perhaps their least celebrated aspect, but one of the most delightful ones to revel in, are the lyrics. For those with kids (and there are songs to obviously edit out here), have them read the lyrics out loud like it’s a spoken word poetry slam. You will laugh, they will laugh, and then you can sing along. It’s comic book/horror movie genius at every turn, whether they’re recounting classic movies in “Return of the Fly,” celebrating their inner zombie with “Braineaters,” or just warning people that “I’ll put a knife right in you” in “Horror Business.” I could keep going, but you get the idea. Plus, who doesn’t know what it’s like to feel like a “Teenager from Mars” -?!

Here’s my playlist:

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