Sunday Music: Happy Horror Business Halloween (With The Misfits)

October is for Misfits. I’ve got one particular song on my mind this year – “Horror Business.” 

There’s a weird, unsolved (re: not entirely worth solving) mysteriousness because the song references either/or the movie Psycho and the famous bathroom murder scene, and/or Sid Vicious’ girlfriend Nancy’s tragic bathroom stabbing and death. 

We’re not here to interpret that, but it’s a weird rabbit hole I’ve fallen down more than once. 

The real business of horror is taking terrifying things and figuring out how to sell them. Or maybe all business is a horror show at its core. Or maybe, nah, let’s just have some fun.

Despite a rushed recording session (to save money) – the Misfits, more in goth-Beach Boys mode perhaps than goth-Elvis at this point in time, cranked out one of my favorite singalongs of their catalogue. 

Psycho ‘78

12 o’clock. Don’t be late. 

My mirrors are black. 

You don’t go in the bathroom – with me. 

Campy and weird. And as hooky as “the little old lady from Pasadena,” they give us,

I’ll put a knife, right in you

I’m warning you

It’s too much horror business, no matter how you interpret any of it. Too much.

Happy Halloween!

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