Sunday Music: Hate it Here and Tweedy

Jeff Tweedy’s got a new record out this week called WARM. I’ve only made one pass, but this fits the catalogue as well as one would have expected – try “I know what it’s like” to start.

He’s had quite the life, and the podcast he did with Marc Maron is a good non-standard interview. I don’t think they ever discussed Dad-rock, there was talk of my beloved Uncle Tupelo, and there was just enough about the drugs and sobriety to make it feel like two similar age friends just talking life.

The song I’m really stuck on this week is one are removed – it’s “Hate it Here” from Wilco’s 2007 album Sky Blue Sky. Melancholy soul in the Muscle Shoals tradition gets me every time. My favorite few lines, which are as much driven by their rhythm as their context, is “I check the phone / I check the mail / I check the phone again, I call your mom / she says you’re not there… and I should take care.” Brutal and beautiful. I’ll always check out what he releases.

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