Sunday Music: I Fall In Love Every Night

The Born Ruffians are back and this song’s been stuck in my head since I heard it: “I Fall In Love Every Night.” Simple and jangly with a wall of horns, the building tension and energy support such a simple yet profound idea. I mean, that’s the idea, that’s the goal, isn’t it? To re-fall in love every night? A snippet of the lyrics and then the track is below (maybe go with the audio and not the video on this one – I get it’s promoting the album but it kind of takes away from a really great song).

The world can be so big and mean
The beautiful things in between the lines
Blow the dust, shine the light
Burning bright and evergreen
I can’t tell if you’re a dream
But you come to me and say
Everything’s gonna be alright
I fall in love every night
I fall in love every night
Floats like a stone
In the ozone

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