Sunday Music: I’m on the Bandwagon, boygenius is Genius.

If we took a melancholy/shoe-gaze-ish vibe, added some Dixie Chicks-esque layered female vocals, and then ground it through the brains of three modernly brilliant 20-somethings (how old are they anyway?), we’d get this boygenius EP. There’s some moodiness required before you put it on, but it gets better and better with repeat listens.

Salt in the Wound” hits an emotional nerve in me I haven’t had a song strike in a long time. The song simmers and builds right up to the end before it boils and bubbles over into a sloppy, drum and distortion filled mess. It’s the feeling that rises up right before a good cry personified.

They say the hearts and minds are on your side

They say the finish line is in your sights

What they don’t say is what’s on the other side

They say the hearts and minds are on your side.

I hope we get more from them. This is easily one of my favorite albums of the year.

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