Sunday Music: James Taylor’s Jelly Man Kelly

I was on a podcast talking about portfolio withdrawal strategies (captivating, I know) and said I think about this topic based on “my 3 favorite Kelly’s.” 

  1. John Kelly (don’t make a bet unless you know the approximate odds, and if you think you know the odds – use them to size your bet accordingly)
  2. Jelly Man Kelly (it’s the simple things in life – and Jelly Man Kelly most of all loves jelly on toast. Risk everything else, but never risk the simple pleasures. More on this in a moment). 
  3. Kelly Clarkson (whatever journey you think you’re on, like Kelly Clarkson’s career – it’s going to be a ride. So buckle up, and keep moving in the direction you want to move in, even when stuff gets messed up. There’s always a new chapter to write). 

You can check the podcast out on The Education of a Financial Planner feed if you want more portfolio theory from me. But you’ll DEFINITELY want to hear James Taylor sing “Jelly Man Kelly” on Sesame Street. Kelly Clarkson is optional today at least.  

The legend of Jelly Man Kelly is Taylor’s daughter wrote it as a poem and shared it with him. This is useful in understanding the lyrics (i.e. that they were written by a 5-year-old style). My mom and brothers and I all sang the song growing up – it is pretty adorable, and after referring to my girlfriend as Jenny Mahenny for a while, she finally asked what the hell I was talking about and now we sing the song too (also pretty adorable). 


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